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Tin cans and metal cans: same quality as can manufacturers in Germany

We produce tin and metal cans in excellent print quality – and much more

Brilliant colors and high production standards at fair prices – how does that work? By having our tin cans – in contrast to other can manufacturers in Germany – exclusively produced in large series. The metal cans are manufactured in the Far East.


Our partner companies are certified. This means that the tin cans meet the strict requirements of the EU directives. We travel from Germany to our can suppliers in Asia at regular intervals to see for ourselves the print quality and compliance with international social standards. After all, we not only want to offer you good prices, but also ensure that your metal cans are produced under fair conditions.


When it comes to surface finishing, our can manufacturers are always up to date! We would be happy to inform you about the diverse technologies and possibilities and tell you which processes are currently in fashion in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.


If you are interested in a production, please get in touch or read in "Top Advertising Material" how you can increase your customer loyalty with your advertising material.

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