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Our contribution to good cohesion

For our Team

Mens sana in corpore sano -

a healthy mind in a healthy body


What applies to the mind and body also applies to a company's employees. If a profession is a vocation, the team masters the daily challenges together and supports each other, and the framework conditions are right, then companies can be successful on the market in the long term and be a competent and reliable partner for their customers.


As a medium-sized company with 32 internal and external employees, we offer

  • Participation of employees in the company's success via a bonus agreement

  • Fuel voucher and recreation allowance

  • Further education and training programmes

  • Visits to customers and suppliers at home and abroad or, of course, via modern communication channels

  • Possibility of working from home

  • Flexitime with 38.5 hours / week

  • Modern & ergonomic workplace equipment

  • Air-conditioned premises and air purification systems

  • Free WLAN

  • Possibility of a company pension scheme

  • as well as an exciting and varied range of tasks

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Goals of the Bavarian Family Pact

The challenges of balancing family and work concern us all: politics, business and society alike. The partners of the Bavarian Family Pact have recognized this.

We want:

  • further optimize the compatibility of family and work in Bavaria by creating family-friendly framework conditions and employers and employers implementing the various measures for better compatibility

  • make the issue of compatibility of family and career visible to the public

  • contribute to a change in culture and consciousness in politics, the world of work and society

  • recognize and support family responsibility

Against discrimination

What counts is people!

Our team is as individual as our service and it is precisely this range that forms the basis for our know-how. As an internationally operating company, diversity and the opportunities associated with it are one of the core points of our success and represent an enrichment in our daily interactions.

Our code of human rights and working conditions, to which we and our employees have committed ourselves, is available here as a PDFDownload available 

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Gegen Diskriminierung

We know about our responsibility and support numerous projects with financial commitment

- and not just at Christmas time. 

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