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Finishing –
that final touch for your metal cans


An appealing packaging design is essential and should be optimally tailored to your product and your brand. With our finishing techniques,

your product packaging sets special accents.


No matter what design you choose for your packaging

– whether it is a simple print, a nostalgic box with a crackle finish or a high-quality embossing

– contact us directly with your requirements

and we would be happy to realize your individual dream box.


Of course, we also have high-quality trays to choose from, in order to perfectly place and protect your product in the interior of the can! We would be pleased to advise you without obligation and find the right can packaging and finishing.



Stand out!
Uniquely finished cans ensure a high recognition value in the market.


Get the most out of your products!
Tin cans and individual trays protect your products and present them effectively.

Remain in memory!
Customers often use your branded cans for years - your brand message lingers.

The options for your tin can at a glance


At this point, our advisory team ensures clarity in a competent and understandable manner! With commitment and passion, we are the specialist for your order implementation that you are looking for.

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