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Your manufacturer for individual tin cans in the same quality as can manufacturers from Germany

Simply there for you:


Contact us directly

and tell us your wishes.


Competent consulting

to refinement, form

and price range


Pattern creation


Swift implementation

from a single source


We take care of

compliance with

standards and logistics



Individual production

Individual sizes and shapes:


We realize your tin can wishes

Standard or individual

Standard sizes and shapes

Comprehensive tool pool for

standard tin cans in shape and size.


You benefit from cost savings and still have the option of customizing your tin can.

No time-consuming research, just inquiries!


Can packaging available in all sizes

Large selection of shapes for can packaging

Standard formats or special shapes according to your ideas

High quality material available in different thicknesses

You determine the shape and size of your can packaging. Choose from our standard formats such as square, round, oval and cylindrical tin cans or contact us with your special request – we will also meet your individual vision of the shape. Find out more about our available can variants here.

Our can packaging is made from tinplate. In addition, our cans are of particularly high quality and meet all applicable quality standards – click here.


Diverse closure variants for can packaging


The right locking technology protects your product from environmental influences


Handy closures for tin cans create added value for your customers

Our diverse sealing techniques allow the can packaging to be ideally adapted to your product. Whether you choose between tin cans with a snap-on lid, screw cap, hinges, swing top or more – we are your contact when it comes to unusual can packaging with additional benefits. Design innovative tin cans that can do more than look good and demonstrate a spirit of innovation. This is how you offer real added value to your customers! Be inspired by our specials.

No working on ideas that ultimately threaten to fail due to the production possibilities! Don't worry about legal regulations and standards! And the good feeling of having a competent, reliable and strong partner by your side who will take care of things for you – our promise to our partners and customers!

With 22 years of know-how, an extensive tool pool, excellent supplier contacts, quality assurance through our own employees at the production site and with commitment and passion, we are the specialist for tinplate cans for the order implementation you are looking for.


At this point, our advisory team ensures clarity in a competent and understandable manner! With commitment and passion, we are the specialist for your order implementation that you are looking for.

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