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Our company history

We started with the import of advertising and promotional items such as inflatable items, bags, backpacks, advertising media, etc. The specialty was and is to this day that all of the 13,000 items that have been realized to date are precisely tailored to customer requirements in terms of colour, shape and material. We offer individuality.


Over the years, sales and packaging items have been added as a further focus of the company, for example jewelry boxes in all shapes and forms, as well as everyday items.

"What doesn't work, doesn't exist" was the motto and it still applies today: we realize your dreams and wishes in accordance with European guidelines and standards.


Due to the increasingly extensive import and production regulations, we have also specified our original range, which encompassed all product and article variants from A to Z, and specialized in selected material areas. The company focuses on the areas of plastic articles, tin / metal and cans as well as nylon and porcelain.


Together with our approximately 32 employees at the Hirschau location in the beautiful Upper Palatinate, we are at your side with our more than 22 years of experience as an import company.


We are supported by our employees in the Far East at the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen locations, who monitor and accompany the production processes on site. Of course, we not only work with recognized official testing institutes to guarantee quality and product safety, but we also know our suppliers personally!







01/01/2020 Change of the company logo to a more modern version.

It symbolizes the international trading bridges of Know How International.

Know How International Austria GmbH

TCT-Marketing GmbH in Mannersdorf was also taken over by Know How International on January 1st, 2020. This is how a long-term business partner became a team member.

20th anniversary of Know How International.

All employees and their partners and families were invited to a big festival under the motto "Fair in Hirschau" on a day with best weather.

Installation of a photovoltaic system with a capacity of approx. 43 kW / h.

Roy Nanka leaved the company to pursue his dream of his own

Realize Sports Retail Store.

Only 2 years after the company was founded, the existing office space was no longer sufficient. The company moved to the new company building of the former OBAG in Hirschau.

Know How International GmbH & Co. KG was founded.

The company was founded by Mr. Peter Baumann, Mr. Markus Bothner and Mr. Roy Nanka. At that time, the company headquarters was in the "old train station" of Schnaittenbach.

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