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Metal packaging forms as diverse as your product range


In addition to classic rectangular tins, we offer can packaging in all conceivable forms – from round and oval to special special shapes.


We manufacture tin cans according to your individual wishes

and optimally adapt the packaging form to your product. Of course, we are also looking forward to meeting your special requests.


Metal packaging in special shapes such as suitcases, hearts or balls

are an eye-catcher – not only in the holiday season.

Round tin can metal can
Rectangular tin can metal can


Rectangular cans are the classic can packaging. Known for many product variants such as square coffee tins, square tea tins or square cookie jars, they are an indispensable part of our everyday life. Rectangular cans are not only particularly stable, they also offer a lot of freedom when it comes to the subject finishing and can design. With a targeted design of your angular can packaging, these stand out from the multitude of competing products and thus increase the likelihood of a purchase. Due to the longevity of the material, the cans are often used for a longer period of time – whether as a storage box in the household, a decorative object or gift packaging. We at produce rectangular cans in all dimensions and sizes, according to your specifications.

We implement your individual wishes!


We are also your contact for round products.

We offer can packaging in round shape in any size and of course tailored to your product. No matter if you consider small cans for cosmetic products, round spice jars or the can packaging for the spirits and beverage industry – at, we offer the entire range of round metal packaging. You can also choose from numerous additional features for your packaging – what about a viewing window or special colour effects, for example?


Our team of experts will be pleased to advise you!

Oval tin metal can


In addition to the round cans, oval can packaging complete our range. Products with oval dimensions are presented with the right packaging and targeted finishing. From simple oval metal packaging for chewing gum or peppermint drops to fine drops from the spirits sector in a high-quality, oval can, every shape and size is offered.

Oval can packaging always cuts a fine figure when used for long-term storage or as gift packaging.


Do you already have a specific idea of your desired can packaging shape or do you think round, rectangular, square or oval can packaging is too common? No problem!

At, we are glad to manufacture cans in special shapes according to your specifications. Heart-shaped, spherical or gift bag shaped cans are particularly popular on occasions such as Christmas, Easter or Valentine's Day. But cans in special shapes are not only popular on special holidays and celebrations. With the design of an individual metal packaging shape, you have the opportunity to skillfully present your product.

Can Shape Individual Tin Cans Manufacturer
Kugeldose für Weihnachten Metalldose Hersteller


Christmas balls on the Christmas tree have tradition and sweets for Advent and Christmas time as well.

How wonderful is the combination of two Christmas highlights!

The Christmas ball box offers tradition, innovation, content and is simply fun, due to the versatile design options. Realise your own design or talk to our team and together, we will find the right packaging for your products.


The quality of the packaging is particularly evident when traveling and presents itself from its most important side. And of course, it does not only appy to large gifts, but also – and especially – to small ones. The packaging is a highlight and presents the article effectfully. A suitcase as a custom-made box in miniature format is one of the many ways to flatter your articles and equip them with a long-term, environmentally friendly and eye-catching packaging.

We are pleased to assist you as a creative partner for details and design.

Suitcase tin tin cans directly from the manufacturer
Bag can tin cans directly from the sustainable manufacturer


It's not just the content that makes you happy.

The packaging is also an important part of a product and clearly, it has to appeal to the eyes, too.

A metal bag with simulated folds, shimmering colours and a high-quality cord is an eye-catcher, already with the purchase, and creates a positive imagination of the content.


Do you already have an idea of what you would pack in such an elegant bag?


We would be pleased to advise you so that the bag also delivers what the content promises.


Heart-shaped tin cans are popular characters and are ideal for packaging tasks of all kinds.

Size and finishing can be customised to suit your needs.


You can find the finishing options here.

Heart tin tin cans directly from the sustainable manufacturer


At this point, our advisory team ensures clarity in a competent and understandable manner! With commitment and passion, we are the specialist for your order implementation that you are looking for.

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