Manufacturer of porcelain & ceramics (coffee cups, plates & Co.)


"The white gold". Does it cast a spell on you and inspire your imagination, too – and not just with the help of the morning cup of coffee? Porcelain offers unexpected possibilities as a gift, as a consumer item, as a collector's item or as a packaging variant.

The times when porcelain was only served in the form of dishes are long gone! And even in this area, the cups have taken on new shapes! Round, square, with or without a curved handle, with or without an integrated spoon, as an espresso, cappuccino or tea cup. Which cup is not yet available?



But of course, we don't want to forget the money boxes shaped like a shoe or tractor, the jars, lanterns, decorative plates, bowls, chocolate fondues and porcelain pendants in front of all the cups!
Smart and interesting implementations are required and the the pool of options is wider than you might think at first.

Kaffeetasse bedrucken
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Tasse mit Untersetzer
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Kaffeetassen für Promotion
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Designer Tasse mit Untersetzer
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Tasse mit Verpackung
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Porzellan Fondue
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Eierbecher aus Keramik
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