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Our contribution to a good future


Climate protection, sustainability, social responsibility, Co2 footprint...


These are essentially important and future-determining topics which have gained in importance and explosiveness not only since "fridays for future".


have increased in importance. As inhabitants of the planet Earth, we are facing great challenges together, which must be overcome if we want to create perspectives for future generations as well, in order to reduce impending dangers for mankind and nature.

Everyone must share the responsibility for achieving this ambitious goal. Politicians must create the conditions, companies must ensure that it is implemented economically and efficiently, and society and every individual must make their contribution to its success.




We as Know How International GmbH & Co. KG accept this challenge and set out to minimize our "footprint" as a company as far as possible.


Unavoidable Co2 emissions are


is compensated by supporting climate protection projects.


Learn more about our commitment here.

"Not only thinking the better, but also doing the better - that will determine what the future will be like.

The courage to act is the last piece of the puzzle that will allow a change in the inner guiding principles and ways of

ways of thinking into the world successfully.



Once we have regrouped our forces and the direction of travel is clear, there is nothing standing in our way,

to shape a future that we find good and worth living!"


 (Harry Gatterer)


Know How international is climate neutral!  


CO2 emissions are unavoidable. To compensate for this, we work with ClimatePartner and neutralize our consumption through selected climate protection projects. With our contribution we support reforestation in Germany and participate in the protection of the oceans by reducing plastic waste.



Conscious action, also in everyday life, is a matter of concern to us and so we try to include the environmental aspect in our actions as far as possible.



Learn more about our commitment and our partnership with ClimatePartner.

Bees at work

Know How takes over bee sponsorship & opens insect hotel

The ecological importance of bees for the preservation of the plant world is immense, as they are among the most important pollinators worldwide. According to research by the environmental protection organization Greenpeace, the annual pollination output of bees is estimated at around 265 billion dollars. The essential importance of these industrious animals for our planet and its continued existence is undisputed.



Therefore, we are happy to indirectly support the local beekeepers in their important work and get involved with a sponsorship for 650m² of habitat.


Of course, we also want to promote the diversity of insects and offer them the opportunity to "spend the night" in the insect hotel on our company property.

Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN General Assembly should actually be a matter of course.


As a value-oriented company, we identify with these requirements and support the achievement and improvement of global progress in this regard within the scope of our possibilities. Our Diversity Chart, with the support of Minister of State Annette Widmann-Mauz, as a PDF for viewing.

Electric car battery charging

E-mobility we are there

Avoiding emissions - using modern technology


Mobility is a basic building block of our modern society and it is not always possible or sensible to switch to public transport. For us as a company, this means using and deploying modern technology as effectively as possible. In this context, we are converting our company fleet to hybrid and E-mobility.

Our e-vehicle fleet currently consists of:

- 1 hybrid vehicle

- 1 fully electric / 2022

- 1 hybrid / 2022 

- 1 e-bike

Further vehicles as well as an e-charging station for company vehicles and employees are being planned.

Waste separation

Conserve raw materials and avoid waste

What is necessary, what is required by law, what can be reused and what is simply superfluous? This question does not only arise in connection with the example of the shrink-wrapped cucumber. It is also important to find and use alternatives on a small scale.

That means for us:

Hygiene is important but please biodegradable!

We are on the way to a paperless office, but until we have achieved this, we will use recycled printer paper for the most part. Packaging for sample shipments is necessary, but this is also possible with 93% bio-based bubble wrap.

Thinking alternatively and finding alternatives is our motto, not only with regard to our service.

Green Dot.jpg
Garbage can.jpg


2000: approx. 20 trees planted on the company premises

2010: Installation of a photovoltaic system


2017: conversion of the entire company building to LED technology


2020: first hybrid company car


Target for 2021: complete digitalization to reduce paper consumption to a minimum

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