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Special can packaging & specials

- The possibilities are almost limitless -

Which option suits your company, your product and your target group best? We are pleased to find the optimal and special packaging made out of sheet metal or metal fitting your needs and implement your ideas!

Voucher boxes directly from the manufacturer


Vouchers have been established as popular gifts for a long time. The still missing detail is the perfect packaging to hand over the gift in a stylish way. Our voucher boxes will make it possible.

You can find our voucher boxes awarded with "Amazons Choice" in the Amazon online store.


This new development by by Know How International conveys the message of the giver in an incomparably charming way and, in addition to classic occasions such as Valentine's and wedding days, not only shows a heart for lovers.


As the saying goes: "A heart gives wings".

Know How International has given wings to the heart.

Heart box Fluegel tin cans metal cans manufacturer
Can Music Box Manufacturer Tin Can Metal Can Can Packaging


Sound and scent can unite harmoniously – depending on the contents of the can. The box melodically underlines the product and the packaging with its music box becomes a popular collector's item.


That one packaging offers many possibilities to arouse desire!


We are pleased to assist you with know-how to discuss the topic, feel and insights into the interior of the music box.


Take advantage of the double marketing effect now – with our innovative cans and their additional benefits. Consumers are more likely to keep a nicely designed can in order to store nail polish, pens or clothespins, for example. But our tinplate cans and metal cans with the plus can even entail a more significant effect. They also serve as a clock, thermometer or calendar. As a result, they include an additional benefit and it makes them even more versatile.

The additional benefits increase the attractiveness of the content significantly and encourage end customers to buy. With the right optics, your goods will become an eye-catcher on the shelf and the metal cans will become a coveted collector's item. Discover the unbelievable diversity and world of metal packaging together with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Aussergewöhnliche Metalldosen Blechdosen mit Zusatznutzen Thermometer Kalender


At this point, our advisory team ensures clarity in a competent and understandable manner! With commitment and passion, we are the specialist for your order implementation that you are looking for.

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