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Import very personal

When the idea of founding the company Know-how International GmbH & Co. KG was born in 1998, there was great astonishment. Why? Because Know How International has neither an assortment nor production facilities. "Yes, what do you want to sell then?" Was a question that was often heard! The answer, like the company name, was very simple. We act with know-how!

But what should one imagine by trading in know-how? Again, the answer is very simple.
Know How International is a service company in the import sector with a focus on "individual custom-made products and product implementation". That means we import the articles that you need for you!

We started with the import of advertising and promotional items, i.e. inflatable items, bags, flyers and similar advertising media. The specialty was and is to this day that the inflatable articles and bags - as well as all the other over 13,000 articles realized to date - are precisely tailored to the customer's requirements in terms of color, shape and material.

Over the years, sales and packaging items have been added as a further focus of the company, i.e. jewelry boxes in all shapes and variants as well as everyday items.

“It doesn't work, doesn't exist” was the motto and the following still applies today: We realize your dreams and wishes in accordance with European guidelines and standards.

Due to the increasingly extensive import and production regulations, we have also specified our original range, which encompassed all product and article variants from A to Z, and specialized in selected material areas. The company focuses on the areas of plastic and inflatable items, tin / metal and cans as well as nylon and porcelain.

Together with our approx. 35 employees at the Hirschau site in the beautiful Upper Palatinate, we are at your side with our more than 20 years of experience as an import company.

We are supported by our employees in the Far East in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, who monitor and accompany the production processes on site. Of course, we not only work with recognized official testing institutes to guarantee quality and product safety, but we also know our suppliers personally!

"Import very personally": That is our motto, in order to realize the right article for you in the right quality and design with the right partner!


Peter Baumann CEO

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