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Print tinplate cans as promotional items
High-quality can refinement for large series

We are convinced: well packaged means half sold. This is the reason why we support our customers in their sales campaigns with clever and unusual packaging solutions. If you would like to convince yourself of the quality of our metal advertising material or if you would like to have boxes printed as promotional items, visit us at Here, you will find a lot of inspiration on how the beautiful jewelry boxes can be used as promotional gifts or elegant packaging.


By the way: Like other promotional items, the high-quality cans can be customized and printed according to your ideas. Our committed employees and partners implement complex custom-made cans in large quantities quickly, precisely and cheaply for you!


As a full-service provider, we relieve you of as much work as possible: after the print approval, we take care of communication with the can and promotional gift manufacturers from the Far East. In addition, we take over the import of your jewelry boxes and ensure that the production standards of the packaging and promotional gifts are monitored and the delivery times are adhered to.





In order to offer your cans in high print quality at a fair price, we produce our advertising material and packaging made of sheet metal and metal exclusively in large series (from a quantity of approx. 5,000).


Would you also want to print cans? Then please click here.

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