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The shopping optimization!
What counts is the best price for the best quality

Reliability and just-in-time delivery are basic factors for a successful, partnership-based cooperation.
The chemistry and communication have to be right in order to be able to act successfully and effectively on the markets. Outsourcing saves both time and money here.

The decision to buy locally or abroad has a significant impact on a company's competitiveness and business success.


The numbers play the decisive role here.


Large volumes, low labor costs and effective purchasing of raw materials are key words that make importing basic modules a profitable alternative.






The outsourcing of indirect purchasing in particular creates the necessary freedom in order to be able to devote oneself to the essential tasks of the company as a buyer. Chocolate is of vital importance for a praline manufacturer. The deep-drawn tray or the loop around the packaging play a subordinate role.

Companies with many indirect product groups know about the high level of support and management costs that result from numerous suppliers and service providers.


This high effort is usually out of proportion to the nominal procurement budget.


In modern purchasing strategies, the focus is no longer just on the price factor, but on optimizing profitability.


The best possible mix of the numerous factors that influence international business, such as freight costs, customs tariffs and customs controls, compliance and testing requirements, etc. are the key to success.

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