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Packaging finishing

That certain something for your can packaging


An appealing packaging design is essential and should be optimally tailored to your product and your brand. With our finishing techniques, your product packaging sets special accents. Regardless of the design you have in mind for your packaging - whether it is a simple print, a nostalgic box with a crackle finish or a high-quality embossing - please contact us directly with your requirements and we will be happy to create your individual box. Of course, we also have high-quality trays to choose from, in order to perfectly place and protect your product in the interior of the can! We would be happy to advise you without obligation and find the right can packaging and finishing.













Our techniques for tin can packaging finishing at a glance














Your desired packaging refinement is not there? Are you thinking of a particular design, but not sure how it can be implemented? We advise you personally so that your dream can come true!




Packaging refinement has many facets - discover creative and practical can packaging at


Functional, original and individual: with the right finishing and a competent, creative partner, tin cans can do more than just look pretty!


Functional: Optimal protection and high-quality product presentation with trays


Some products require additional protection from impacts or environmental influences - jewelry, spirits or perfumes in glass bottles in particular can benefit from additional packaging elements. But our trays can do more - in addition to safe storage, they also ensure the optimal presentation of your product within the can packaging. Deep-drawn elements for sweets or foams for flacons or jewelry are therefore multifunctional. We can also implement combinations of paper and plastic individually for you on request. Whatever packaging you need, we will work with you to develop the right solution - find out more about our trays here.



Original: product packaging with a wow factor


With packaging refinement, you can give your product a special appearance and stand out in retail alongside countless competing products. Once your product ends up in the shopping cart, high-quality, refined can packaging will stay with your customers for a long time and be used and stored for other purposes - after all, they are something very special. With a unique packaging you not only secure a place in the life of your customer in the short term, but also place your brand and your message in the everyday life of the target group in the long term.



Individual: packaging refinement as desired


Packaging design should always be tailored to your product in order to ensure an optimized and consistent branding. We manufacture our can packaging from a quantity of 5,000 individually according to your wishes - you can find out more here. When it comes to packaging refinement, we do not offer off-the-peg designs, but focus entirely on your requirements and ideas. Whether printed, punched or embossed - we offer the full range of modern surface finishing. You can even find unusual finishing techniques such as satin finishing, rubber finish or table lacquer in our repertoire. Talk to us - we will be happy to support you in designing your dream box!




Satin finishing

Rubber finish

Crackle finish

Stamping foils

Blackboard paint

Stand out!
Uniquely finished cans ensure a high recognition value in the market.


Get the most out of your products!
The can packaging and individual trays protect your products and present them effectively.


Stay in the memory!
Customers often use your branded cans for years - your brand message lingers.

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